IT and Me

When I was a kid, I was introduced to the world of computers.

I am always excited to visit my mom in her office or go home because I badly wanted to play computer games like Pacman, Counter Strike, Tactical Ops, Pokemon, Hitman, NBA Live, etc. I could sit in front of our pc for hours just playing.

Our personal computer is also my source of assignments. My favorite encyclopedia back then was ENCARTA. (Bet you also are! πŸ˜‚)

Information technology, or simply IT, has helped me a lot especially in my studies. It has been easier to access information through internet. Even now that I am a professional, the use of IT has made our work easier and more efficient. As an auditor, word processors and spreadsheets save me ample time in making reports and computation. Since I work under the line function and always on field, I can stay connected with our leader and supervisor anytime through internet. We can send our reports right away without the need of travelling an hour.

Before the modern IT has been discovered, storing and sharing of information requires much effort. To be able to finish the reports and requirements in work in time, you need to exert effort and invest resources. Manual computation and recording of transactions are very handful that you need to have enough manpower to finish them. 

Information technology has been relevant, not even to the society, but also in work or businesses. The use of advanced IT has made our lives comfortable. Through the use of computers and laptops, our work has been more efficient especially in encoding of reports and freely correcting those without wasting much resources.


To simply put it, advanced IT is AWESOME!# πŸ˜Ž



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