M.I.S. (Manager’s Important Skills)

Businesses today are aligned with IT to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations, enhance financial performance and achieve their goals and objectives. With the rapid changing of business environment, one must keep on track with the different opportunities and threats it may bring. Managers should know how to maximize the opportunities and, otherwise, with the threats. They should understand how technology affects their industry and decide on how to properly utilize it.

Managers are the brains of the operations of the business.
 IT has been an integral part of the business. Managers must also be integrated with IT to make sound judgment and decisions. In order to participate effectively in IS decisions, one must be flexible, eager to learn and dynamic.

FLEXIBLE. A leader must be flexible to manage his people in accordance to their needs. He should adapt to their unique behaviours and individual preferences. He must also be flexible in any uncertainty of the future. This allows opportunity to change your plans as those making strategic decisions receive more information over time. Even when the ultimate goal is unpredictable, the actions that decision makers take can lead to a satisfactory solution. (smallbusiness.chron.com)

EAGER TO LEARN. Managers must master, or atleast, have the sufficient knowledge on how to use IS to be able to deliver instructions and rules effectively. By knowing the system, it would be easy to access information and perform operations well. The information gathered may be used to promote and introduce new strategies in solving issues within the company. 

DYNAMIC. Since technology is always innovating, a manager should also be dynamic. To be dynamic is to keep on changing. A leader should cope up with any situations, be it opportunity or threat, that may occur in the business. He must also keep on learning with the progress of technology to be able to take advantage and compete with other similar businesses. He should be open to changes and be brave enough to accept them to be a able to make better strategies and decisions.

There are a lot of skills a manager should possess, but the above-mentioned for me, are three of the most important skills. These, together with their expertise and experience, make them better to act decisively in any IS decisions.😎


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