How to combat Piracy

Piracy has always been illegal – be it movies, songs, applications, even software. It is rampant in our country because of poverty. Because of higher prices than the pirated ones, some choose to purchase the latter ones. It is not reasonable to buy or use a pirated one just because one cannot afford it. One should comply with the regulations of the law and respect the rights of the owners.

What is software piracy?

When you buy software, you donโ€™t own the software, you are buying a license to use the software. Under the terms of the license you are agreeing to only use the software on one computer at a time and not produce illegal copies or install the software on friendsโ€™ computers. Software piracy is the intentional or unintentional illegal reproduction and distribution of software for business or personal use. Piracy is illegal and punishable by law. (

In order to combat this problem, a software company must use an approach to minimize or atleast eradicate the existence of piracy, apart from punitive measures. Here are four steps, taken from Information Security and the BSA Web site, to help IT executives discourage piracy:

  1. Develop a clear software policy statement for your company. The BSA suggests that the policy explain how employees can legally acquire software and that you provide a copy of the policy to every employee.
  2. Require employees to sign an anti-piracy statement. According to Information Security, you should include a provision for civil damages of up to $100,000 and a criminal penalty of $25,000.
  3. Require regular software inventories. Make sure your staff records the product name, version number, and serial number for each piece of software installed on every computer. You should also perform unannounced audits.
  4. Know what your software licenses allow. Keep all your licenses in one place and identify which licenses allow home use by employees and which do not. Also, compare the inventory to your license agreements and delete any illegal software.

Software piracy not only affects everyone but it also hurts the economy in general, specifically the software industry and it may also cause harm to your computer. It has always been illegal and against the law. 


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