The Social Media

With the advent of social media, one has atleast his or her own social media platform. But what does social media bring to us? 

Social media can be a double-edged sword to us, it can either save us or hurt us. It can help us in some ways but it can also destroy us. It depends on how you use it and other people perceive it.

Social media can be advantageous to help a person grow and develop personally and professionally. One of the advantages is social media can provide worldwide connectivity. No matter where and who you are looking for, it has become a helpful tool it connecting with them very quick. Although Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are probably the most well-known social networking communities, new websites are popping up regularly that let people connect and interact over the Web.

With each of these sites, individuals can make new friends, build business connections or simply extend their personal base by connecting and interacting with friends of friends – which can have a multiplying effect.

These connections can help with a variety of things such as:

  • Finding romance
  • Seeking a new job
  • Locating assistance
  • Getting and giving product and service referrals
  • Receiving support from like-minded individuals
  • Making or receiving career or personal advice
  • Sharing political beliefs
  • Accessing news in real time

In many ways, can be of very help, but in many ways, too, it can be a hindrance in your work and studies that will affect your productivity and efficiency. In order to avoid this, here are some of my personal commitment on the responsible use of social media:

  1. I should post positively. I should be an example to my online friends and readers. I should only post messages and statuses that will make a positive impact on them.
  2. Limit my time in social media. I should set a time in using social media in order to avoid hindrance in my work and studies.
  3. Enjoy social media. 
  4. As much as possible, avoid ranting. Don’t post when emotional. πŸ˜‹

      Everyone should always see to it that we should think before we click. Because even if u deleted your comment or post, there will always be that one warrior who saves a screenshot of that. Haha! Be careful and be responsible in using social media. 😎


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