Does IT really matter?

Does IT really matter?

In today’s world where Information Technology is fast evolving that it becomes a relevant part of our daily lives, we cannot deny the fact that it really matters to us. 

Information Technology (IT) are tools that capture, store, process, exchange, and use information, including software, hardware, and networks.  Information technology and information systems are powerful and valuable tools that bring important benefits to individuals and organizations. 

I believe that information technology has now become a necessity in businesses in order to gain more profit and competitive advantages against other businesses. Information technology helps businesses to perform their operations efficiently and maximize productivity, that’s why, they invest in IT. Faster communication, storage and security of records are benefits an enterprise can have that IT provides. Information technology has to do mostly witg computer applications, on which most of the businesses today is dependent. It is advantageous to incorporate IT into your organization since computerized systems are now widely used. Even in creating this blog, we use computer or even mobile phones to update and comply with the requirements in our subject. πŸ˜‚

So, everyone, let’s face it!



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